Here we are; I can’t believe I am actually writing my first blog post. This is something I have deliberated over for quite a while but I told myself in January to bite the bullet and just write it. I know it is February but sure!


You are probably wondering why I am even writing a blog aren’t you? I am not a Blogger or Influencer. What I do have is a Social Media platform for my business and I intend to use it this year in different ways not only to promote my business. I intend to use this blog to talk about style inspiration, outfit ideas and just general life!


If you follow Stable Lane on social media or visit our website, you will probably think I spend my time trying on clothes and taking photographs. This is the case sometimes but not all of the time, I promise!


Firstly, I’m Jayne, co owner of Stable Lane Boutique along with my mum, Barbara. I can't get her to feature on social media much but she works extremely hard to run Stable Lane with me. We have been open for two and a half years now and love every minute of owning a boutique. We are a close team, just the two of us and Bronagh (who I’m sure you all know and love). When we opened, our goal was to provide quality fashion at a reasonable price with a personal touch and I hope you all feel we are providing this! 




We launched Stable Lane’s website in February 2019 (almost a year ago!!) and this has brought a brand new customer to us. Online shopping is convenient now, especially if you are working during the week. Our website has went from strength to strength but it definitely takes as much if not more work than our physical store.



So where did it all start?


My passion has always been clothes, shopping especially! I have always wanted to work in fashion and I studied Fashion Marketing at Glasgow Caledonian University for three years. I spent six years working in Retail Management in some amazing businesses including Monsoon Accessorize, Moda in Pelle and Debenhams. One day between Christmas and New Year in 2016, mum and I seen our shop vacant with a ‘To Let’ sign and it all went from there. 


Those closest to me will know I don’t do things by halves. Within a year I got married, opened Stable Lane, had a baby and built a house. Needless to say I haven’t done very much since! 


Alfie was born on 6th March 2018 and he gave me the most important job I will ever have; being a Mummy. There is no doubt about it, running a new business and being a new mummy all at the same time was stressful but we got through it! Alfie is my best friend and he completes me as a person.



I have a good support network around me and I definitely couldn’t achieve what I want to in my career without my family and friends, especially my husband Andrew who always encourages me to keep going. 


I am definitely a big family person. I live on the same road as a lot of family and I remember telling Andrew if we got married, he would have to move there too! I got my own way thankfully!



I would say I am quite a motivated person, I’m always looking forward into ways I can improve my business and take it forward. We are still very new but I am proud of how far we have come and can’t wait to see what the future holds. 


If you have read to this point, well done!! Thank you all so much for reading my first blog post. 


Chat soon, 


Jayne xx 

February 05, 2020 — Jayne Gilmore


Linda Muir said:

Really good and informative..roll on next one x

Iris Rowntree said:

Hi Jayne congratulations your a natural !! Enjoyed reading your blog. It read like We we’re having a chat.
You should be very proud of your achievements ( mum included in that ) best wishes for your future 💕

Eleanor Martin said:

Such a lovely “blog” well said and covered a huge amount of commitment, bucket loads of hard work and a great and supportive relationship between you mum Andrew and your family and it shows how much your customers love your shop ( & you & Barbara) by the success of Stable Lane xxxx

Shona O’Connor said:

Lovely reading Jayne ! Look forward to your next one 😊

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