I have always loved clothes. My mum said when I was a child, I always had to get the labels off as soon as I got something new and wear it out of the shop. I am the same now. If you buy new clothes, you should wear them within two weeks or else you won’t wear them. I tell everyone the same; wear your clothes. What is the point in keeping them in your wardrobe with the labels on?!


I have always loved bright colours and if you have been through the doors of Stable Lane, you will definitely see that That doesn’t mean I don’t love black. I wear quite a lot of black, especially black jeans. Black is a slimming colour so even if you feel you don’t suit black, you can always wear black jeans. 



I have never really followed ‘trends’; I went to university in Glasgow and I think this is where I felt the most comfortable in my clothes. City life is so different than small town life and ‘anything goes’. I would have worn whatever I wanted to and no one would have batted an eyelid. If my mum had seen me some days, she would definitely have questioned my outfits!


My best friends bought me a voucher for Kurt Geiger for my 21st birthday and I bought the highest shoes I could find in the shop; they had the biggest platform and were bright blue. They always told me I was the only person they knew that would wear them. I loved them and wore them loads. Looking back; I don’t regret wearing them but I don’t think I could walk in them now!



I only wear what I feel comfortable in, and I tell my customers the same. You have to feel comfortable in your clothes or you will not wear them. I have been talked into buying things in the past by shop assistants and I always maintained I would never talk a customer into buying something they didn’t feel great in. 


Pleats are a great example. They are so on trend and have been for a few seasons now and I love them but they just don’t suit my body shape so I don’t wear them.


People always ask me, ‘what are the colours for the spring’ or ‘what trends are in’. Fashion has evolved massively over the past few years and my answer is always ‘anything goes nowadays’. Trainers are a massive craze which is great because you can wear dresses you kept for ‘good’ with trainers. Fashion has to be a lot more wearable now. 



If you buy a dress for a wedding, you can easily put a denim jacket with it and a pair of ankle boots or trainers to make it a more casual outfit. 




If you follow Stable Lane on Instagram and Facebook; you will see how I get the wear out of my clothes and style them in different ways. When I go out, I like to get dressed up- I always have done. Sometimes my husband will look at me and ask me where I think I am going! I love clothes and they bring me happiness. Is that sad?! 


I hope you liked reading this and if you have read the whole way through, thank you!


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Jayne xx 

February 19, 2020 — Jayne Gilmore

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